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Web- & Marketing Acency

Websites, webshops, marketing, and operations do not have to be complicated. It’s about one thing: You need to be online so you can be where your customers are – and you need to have a professional and credible expression so that the customer chooses you over your competitor.

Precisely to make sure that potential customers choose you, we see this as our most important task as a web- & marketing agency. At the same time, we want to make it easy for you so that you can spend your time and energy on your core business and on what you are best at. That’s why we take care of the process from A-Z, and we do that, whether it’s a web project, marketing, or operation. We are a web- & marketing agency you do not switch from.

With us, you only get one consultant and one designer or marketing specialist, who will get to know you and your company better than most.

What we do


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What we do

Website Development

In the first part of the collaboration, we mostly ask questions and talk to the customer about what they want. We want a super clear picture of what they want and need. Only then can we deliver a product that both parties are happy with.

Once we have an understanding of the customer’s needs and desires, we can start designing the first part of the website.

When it’s a big project, we always start with wireframing. This is the process where we design in gray, without using colors, images and styling options. Then we share the design with the customer, and when they agree, we continue with the visual design. This is where we want to add details and make it come alive.

Once the design is complete and the customer is happy with the final design, we continue to install WordPress and all the plugins we need for the project.

Then we will start creating the pages one by one and send the customer preview links during the process. This makes it easy to get feedback and we assure the customer that they are getting the things they want.

After all the pages are developed inside WordPress, we share one last preview link to the customer. We will look at the result and edit every detail to make the website perfect. After a final check, we will put the website live and give it the necessary optimization for Google.

You’re Always Welcome To Schedule A Free Call With Our Team

What we do

Webshop Development

With a professional webshop, you are stronger in the battle for customers. We know that the purpose for you is to get more sales, and that’s exactly what we can help with. We make sure to create a webshop in a modern and mobile-friendly design, even at a really sharp price. 
A few reasons why we could be a good partner:

You’re Always Welcome To Schedule A Free Call With Our Team

Frequently asked questions

As a starting point, the process takes 1 month, but it naturally varies depending on how fast you are at answering our inquiries and the scope of the overall task.

Yes, all our websites are made mobile friendly so they look great on all sizes. This means that the user-friendliness of the consumer increases, which means that the chances of a potential sale increase considerably.

A web hotel is the machine that keeps your website running so that visitors can access the website around the clock. On this machine lies the content of your website. A web hotel often also offers an e-mail solution. We are impartial in terms of which web host prefers. We even offer a stable and secure web hotel if desired.

 WordPress is a so-called CMS system, where you can easily and simply edit the content of your website as needed. You do not need a webmaster to upload new texts and images to the website, as this can be done simply and user-friendly directly from your computer. WordPress is the world’s most used CMS system, as over 25% of all the world’s websites are built in it.