Website Development

What is important when you need a new website?

There are many things to consider when your business needs a new website. What should it be able to do, what should it look like and what about all the technicalities? It can seem like a jungle to find your way around, so it’s a good idea to ally yourself with a web agency that can help you all the way.

We have compiled a list of 6 points, which in our opinion are the most important when you need to create a new professional website:


You need to create your new website with someone you are comfortable with and who is with you from start to finish.


It is crucial that you feel heard and understood throughout the process.

Unique design

Skilled web designers who create beautiful and unique solutions with a professional look.


You must be able to get help if problems arise after the project is completed.


Your new website should get more customers to contact you.


Of course, the site works on all kinds of screens; computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.

The process

It should be easy to get a professional website made with us. That is why we always start from the same simple process, which is based on experience from many hundreds of projects. That way, you always know what the next step is.


We initiate a dialogue with you so that we gain an understanding of your company and your wishes. We usually do this over the phone.


Once we have received material from you, such as pictures and text, we will start setting up your new website. Then we will show you the layout.


Often needs to be adjusted a bit. We make these corrections in close collaboration with you, so that the website will match your wishes and expectations.


Once we're done with the design, the next step is to launch the site. Here we hand over the ownership to you and you are now ready to use your new website.

Professional website made to get more inquiries

Focus on a professional website that should earn

At Dane Agency, we do not just design websites. We are also a marketing agency. That’s why we have a sense of far more than web design, because we know that it’s ultimately about generating revenue in your business. A professional website can be quite nice, but it is not worth much if it has no visitors. That is why we always have the business perspective in focus when we design new websites for our customers.

This means that the starting point for a new professional website is that it should give you more customer inquiries and increased sales. We ensure this through a professional layout, where the right buttons and contact forms mean that your potential customers can not help but apply.

To be successful, however, you also depend on visitors to your website. That is why we also offer tailor-made marketing solutions. Here, our specialists assess who your most obvious target group is and how we can best get your company’s message out to just them.

How does your website become sales-optimized?

The fact that your new website is responsive means that it adapts to whether your customers visit it from their computer, tablet or phone. More and more people today are using their tablet or phone, so it is no longer enough that your website works from the computer.

Many people associate pop-ups with something annoying that disturbs when visiting a website. But if pop-ups are used correctly, it can be an effective way to get more people to sign up for your newsletter, for example. There are a wealth of options that will ensure that your pop-ups do not become annoying.

Call to action is, in short, what tells your customers how to get hold of what you sell. It is often a buy button, a link to an order page or a phrase like “Call us on tel. 12 34 56 78 to hear more”. It is important that there is a clear call to action in several places on your website, so that your customers are always directed towards what you sell.

There are a myriad of websites and companies on the web, and unfortunately, not all of them are equally credible. Therefore, it is important that your website gives a good and professional impression as soon as the customer clicks on it.

All our websites contain


Of course, the site works on all kinds of screens; computers, tablets, mobiles, etc.

Optimized for Google

It's crucial that your business comes up when you search for it on Google.


An SSL certificate helps make your site credible, while protecting both your and your customers' information.

Secured against hackers

Unfortunately, there are more hacker attacks than you might think. Therefore, it is important that your website has the necessary security.

Good conditions AND A SHARP PRICE

We design your website, but we do not own it afterwards. Because it is you who owns your business, and therefore of course it must also be you who own your company’s website.

You probably want to have control of your website yourself. You have it when you get it made here with us. In addition, you can choose whether you will be responsible for all updates to your website once we have designed it, or whether you would like us to help you.

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What is WordPress?

In 2003, WordPress was launched as a platform for blogging. A lot has happened since then, and today it is the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS). It has evolved from being a system that has only been reserved for bloggers to today being one of the best platforms to develop websites and webshops on.

WordPress is a free open source system, which means that everyone has access to the source code and therefore can correct and optimize when a new WordPress webshop or website needs to be developed.

Finally, we at Dane Agency are a fan of WordPress, as it is user-friendly and simple with the ability to develop professional as well as advanced solutions. There are therefore no limitations in terms of flexibility and creativity, which gives us as a WordPress developer the opportunity to tailor a solution down to the last detail.

Why WordPress?

Dane Agency is a web agency that does not want to be limited. That is exactly why we have chosen to develop many of our solutions in WordPress. Because it is a system where usability is in focus. We like this, as we can thus develop a solution for you, which you can subsequently use and navigate.

But of course it can do much more than that. In addition to being a system with great user-friendliness in the backend, it is also possible for us as a WordPress web agency to develop simple and advanced solutions. This means that we can develop virtually all types of webshops or websites.
With 15,000 plugins and a wealth of widgets, it’s easy for us to tailor a solution that lives up to your needs and expectations – and maybe even a little more than that. The many plugins make it possible to do everything from feature extensions to search engine optimization.
If you therefore want to launch a professional solution from the start, WordPress is a good and solid starting point.

We develop conversion-optimized WordPress websites

It is important for us as WordPress developers to develop a website that you are happy with. But just as important is that your target audience finds the website credible, catchy and user-friendly. Because even if you’re probably happy with the solution, it’s no use if it’s not developed for the purpose and thought of your customers – because if they do not like your website, they will click on to your competitor without hesitation.

At Dane Agency, we therefore not only develop professional websites that look visually good. We also develop WordPress websites that are conversion optimized, so that the target group also thinks the website is delicious and most importantly: that it is easy for them to move on from A to B and find the information they are looking for.

With the many options available in WordPress, it is an eminent system for developing professional websites for both small and large businesses that want to enhance their online presence.

A WordPress website is also a good choice because:

The benefits of a WordPress website are many, and if you would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us for more information. One thing is for sure: you are guaranteed a professional solution.

Why choose Dane Agency as your WordPress agency?

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? And do you want to be one step ahead of the competition? Then we are the right WordPress agency to work with. Because with us there are no standard solutions – because we can not be satisfied with that.

When we develop your website or webshop, we therefore always do it with the attitude of creating a solution that your target group remembers you for. For that is what creates sales and increased revenue in the end. The way to digital success is therefore to create a solution that the neighbor has not seen before or that scores high in usability.

The important thing to keep in mind is that your website is not just your business card. It must be able to do much more than that. It should create a relationship between you and the user, so that he or she is retained on the site and feels like contacting you or placing an order.

In order for this to be possible, the design of your website or WordPress webshop must be planned in detail and optimized so that it is convertible. To get there, it requires an experienced and competent WordPress agency.

To put it briefly, we as your WordPress developer are an agency that has big ambitions on your behalf. It ensures you a solution that gets you off to a good start and that in the long run gives you a good and solid foundation for increased growth.

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Frequently asked questions

As a starting point, the process takes 1 month, but it naturally varies depending on how fast you are at answering our inquiries and the scope of the overall task.

Yes, all our websites are made mobile friendly so they look great on all sizes. This means that the user-friendliness of the consumer increases, which means that the chances of a potential sale increase considerably.

A web hotel is the machine that keeps your website running so that visitors can access the website around the clock. On this machine lies the content of your website. A web hotel often also offers an e-mail solution. We are impartial in terms of which web host prefers. We even offer a stable and secure web hotel if desired.

 WordPress is a so-called CMS system, where you can easily and simply edit the content of your website as needed. You do not need a webmaster to upload new texts and images to the website, as this can be done simply and user-friendly directly from your computer. WordPress is the world’s most used CMS system, as over 25% of all the world’s websites are built in it.